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Patients First

Dedication, Listening, Capability.

Because Our Patients Always Come First.

At NYGA, our patients are the center of what we do.

We listen

At New York Gastroenterology Associates we make sure we really hear you—because it’s vital that we understand you and your problem completely. You receive our undivided, respectful and patient attention.

We are dedicated to understanding the underlying, unique health issue

Our doctors strive to identify the root cause of your problem. Where necessary, we draw upon our network of elite consultants in affiliated fields like surgery, nutrition, allergy and immunology. We use state-of-the-art technology to help establish the diagnosis. Then we use the most effective therapies and medicines to provide you the best available treatment.

We go above and beyond

Our doctors often greet you, personally, in our waiting rooms and escort you to their office or exam room. We provide “one-stop shopping,” delivering comprehensive GI care, expediting testing and referrals to experts in affiliated fields. We provide nutritional counseling, vaccines, in-office testing, in-office intravenous treatments, and a range of allied services. We also offer Saturday procedures, and an NYGA physician is on-call 24/7 for urgent health needs.

We are here for you

In addition to traditional office-based care, we offer patient-friendly telehealth services. Telehealth means that you can receive our personal and expert attention without leaving home. During a telehealth video appointment, we can:

• Evaluate your symptoms
• Plan a course of treatment, including necessary tests and procedures
• Review your test results
• Follow up on previous visits
• Refill medications
• Answer your questions

We also offer a privacy-protected, internet-based patient portal. Our digital portal allows you to communicate directly with your doctor. No secretaries, no telephone system, no phone tree.

We provide seamless care

At NYGA, we were among the first practices in the New York Area to create an on-site, expert, GI pathology laboratory. That means we can provide you with your biopsy results as soon as possible – often within two days. It also means that we collaborate with only expert GI pathologists, working closely beside them to ensure timely and accurate interpretations and treatments.

NYGA was among the first practices in the New York area to develop in-office drug infusion, and we have one of the largest independent in-office infusion practices in the region. We focus exclusively on infusion of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. This allows you to receive your intravenous treatments in the familiar, private and comfortable environment of our NYGA office, with one medical record, under the direct and expert supervision of your treating gastroenterologist.

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