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Safety for you, our staff, and the community is our number one priority.


Our offices are open and operating with enhanced safety protocols:


    1. In the office: We screen patients with an in-office appointment for signs
      of COVID-19 or potential exposure by telephone and in person. Patients
      showing signs of illness in person will be asked to schedule a
      telemedicine visit.
    2. Prior to procedure:
      1. If you are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19: You will be asked to
        obtain a COVID-19 test before any invasive procedures
        (Endoscopy or Colonoscopy). Our staff will help you with this.
      2. If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19: You will not be required
        to obtain a COVID-19 before any procedure. Please bring a copy
        of proof of vaccination (CDC card or Excelsior Pass) to your visit.
  2. TELEMEDICINE APPOINTMENTS: We offer in-office and telemedicine
    appointments to all patients. Please call the office to schedule your preferred
    appointment type, or we can advise on which type of appointment would be
    best for you.
  3. MASKS: All physicians, staff, patients, and escorts are required to wear
    facemasks in the office at all times. Patients and escorts may wear either a
    surgical mask or cloth covering.

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